Food and Wine Pairing

In food and wine pairing, there are a few simple rules that you should remember. First, consider one’s preference. In wine and food pairing, it is important to choose what you like to drink. What you like should take precedence over any other recommendation. Secondly, think about the dish or the meal as a whole. What are the dominant flavors? Consider any other food characteristics that are worth knowing. Once food characteristics are defined, keep in mind the following.

wine & food pairing

  1. Keep flavors in balance. A mild meal is paired with a mild wine, a big flavored food with a big flavored wine.

  2. Match acids with acids – Food with strong acidic content should be paired with acidic wines that can keep up with the acid in the food.

  3. Acidic wines and creams do not mix – Imagine squeezing lemon in a glass of milk.

  4. Wine and Strong spices do not mix. – Again, a mild meal is paired with a mild wine, a strong and spicy meal to a strong and spicy wine.

Consult a Food and Wine Pairing Chart

Click Here to download our Food and Wine Pairing chart, for your convenience. Mill City Wine & Spirits Liquor Store provides a Wine & Food Pairing chart with a list of wine and food pairings to satisfy anyone’s palate. Lastly, if food and wine pairing charts are not enough, keep in mind this simple rule. Food & Wine matching generally follows the idea that food goes well with the wine it grew up with. This means that French food goes well with French wine the same way that Italian food is perfect with Italian wines.
Wine & Food Pairing

Consult a Beer & Food Pairing Chart

Similarly, food and beer pairing follows the same guide in finding the perfect food and beer match as food and wine matching. Click Here to Download our Beer & Food Pairing Chart.

  1. First, match strength with strength. A strong beer should match strong foods.

  2. Second, find harmony between the food and the beer. The food and the beer should share some common flavor or aroma element.

  3. Third, consider the season. Sometimes, food and beer from the same season work well together.

  4. Fourth, contrast and complement. Unlike wines, some beer work well with food they contrast, and work well with food they complement. Remember to strike a balance between contrasting and complementary food and beer pairing

Mill City Wine & Spirits Food & Beer Food Pairing Chart

Click Here to Download Mill City Wine & Spirit Beer and Food Pairing Chart

A closer look at pairing charts

Learn More About Food and Wine Pairing Charts for special wine tastings and cordials events.

Food & Wine PairingThe usual food and wine pairing chart contains the list of food, their distinct tastes and characteristics plus the suggested wine that would best complement the food. Here are a few examples of perfectly set pairs according to the wine and food pairing chart. These are only examples and as mentioned above, one’s palate should precede everything else.

Beef and lamb. According to the food and wine pairing chart, red wine works well with lamb and beef; basically both being red meat. Perfect examples of red wine that works well with beef and lamb are full bodied red wines like shiraz and a blend of shiraz and cabernet. Barbera, Syrah and Pinot noir can also work well with these meats.

Chicken, fish and Seafood. Based on the wine and food pairing chart, white wine works well with white meats such as fish, chicken and seafood. The best choice would be Chardonnay or a Pinot noir.

Spicy Foods. To balance the spiciness of the food one should take a sweet wine. In the wine and food pairing basics, Chardonnay is avoided when eating spicy food, for this wine would taste bitter and unappealing.

Cheese. When combining cheese and wine, keep in mind that a full bodied wine goes best with hard cheeses while soft cheese go well with dry variants of Marsanne or Viogner. Sweet wine goes well with blue cheese.

Desserts. In the wine and food pairing tools, sweet wines are the best choice as long as the dessert is not as sweet as the wine.

Beer and Food Pairing Chart Tools

Beer & Food PairingBeer is considered more food friendly than wine. Wine mainly uses grapes while beer uses hops, yeast, barley, fruits, spices, nuts, and vegetables. Beers can be paired with almost every food since its main ingredients are food-based as well. Most beer and food pairing charts list down the following food and beer pairing. In the beer and food pairing chart, sometimes color is considered basis for food and beer pairing. They are as follows:

  1. Brown to very dark tones of beer are good with grilled dishes, the darker the better.

  2. Dark golden to light amber colored beers are nicely paired with roasted foods.

  3. Amber to light brown shades are a perfect pair for fried, sauted or braised food.

  4. Straw to golden hues are served well with proteins and boiled produce.

Other Food and Beer Pairing

Vegetables – In the beer and food pairing chart, vegetables work well with white beers, saisons and Ipas as well as lambics and bieres to complement the dish.

Fishes and shell food– for fish meals, pilsners and lambics and bieres are the best beer suggestions. For shellfishes and other sea products, the choice is between white beers, Belgian, red or brown ales.

White meat – The beer and food pairing matches suggests pairing white meat with pilsners and golden ales.

Duck and Games – Belgian ales and sweet beer work well with duck, venison and other game meats.

Cheese – Hard cheese works well with white beers and lambics while soft cheese is paired well with Belgian ales, tripels, abbeys and trappists.

Red Meat – According to the food and beer pairing tools, red meats taste better when paired with goblets of pilsners, golden ales, belgian ales and tripels.

Sweets – Sweets work well with the taste of belgian ales, quadrupels, stouts and sweet beers.


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